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When you set up the mobile service for your watch with the Galaxy Wearable app, you`ll be prompted to either purchase a data rate or use a QR code. However, contact your mobile operator for assistance with activation. 4. UPDATES AND UPDATES. Although Belkin is not obligated to do so, Belkin may provide you with updates or updates for this software. This Agreement regulates all upgrades provided by Belkin that replace and/or supplement the original firmware and/or software, unless such upgrade is accompanied by a separate end user license agreement, in which case the terms of the end user license agreement apply. to provide you with updated equipment information to identify new devices on your network. These data files do not update your firmware, but are made up of software files that are stored on your product and overwrite older files. By accepting this agreement, you agree to automatic updates. Some Belkin products and software can monitor home energy consumption. Belkin does not guarantee or promise certain energy savings or other financial benefits related to the use of the products, software or any other function. Actual energy savings and the resulting monetary benefits vary depending on factors that are beyond Belkin`s control or knowledge. From time to time, Belkin may use the software to provide you with unique information for you and your energy consumption, and offers a way to save money on energy bills if you support the suggestions or features of the product or software.

You acknowledge that this information is not a guarantee of actual savings and you agree not to seek financial or other recourse from Belkin if your savings differ. All information provided by Belkin is provided „as you see“ and „as available“. We cannot guarantee that this is correct or current. In cases where it is critical, access to information on the software does not replace direct access to information at home. 11. .