Template For Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

A mutual NOA can also be referred to as a bilateral NOA or a bilateral NOA. In a common NOA, both parties agree not to disclose any proprietary or confidential information about the other party`s interests. As a unilateral NOA, sensitive information that is covered by the NDA is defined in the contract. You should be very careful with confidential information. To eliminate mistrust between the two parties, you must use a reciprocal confidentiality agreement. By signing the agreement, both parties can communicate all the information knowing that they are protected by the same parameters. A mutual confidentiality agreement is often used when two parties discuss cooperation to some extent. In this case, a reciprocal confidentiality agreement would be used to ensure that both parties are protected from leaking critical confidential information. b) Tangible confidential information. Confidential information provided in a specific form may only be disclosed by the receiving party for purposes in this agreement. At the request of the disclosure party, the receiving party must return, within ten days of this request, any confidential information it has received in written or tangible form, including copies or copies or any other means containing this confidential information. After the election of the receiving party, any document or other medium developed by the receiving party containing confidential information may be destroyed by the receiving party; within ten (ten) days, the receiving party hands over to the party unveiling a written certificate of destruction.

On the contrary, in a mutual confidentiality agreement, both parties sign the agreement to recognize that they will not disclose information for the duration of their relationship. The reciprocal confidentiality agreement is an agreement between two parties (2) in which both parties provide for the exchange of protected and confidential information with the other party and are both interested in limiting disclosure to both parties.