Stubhub User Agreement

The new complaint argues that the amendment to the directive violates the StubHub`s use agreement, processing, negligent misrepresentation, a violation of California`s Consumer Protection Act, unfair business practices and misleading advertising. McMillan`s complaint says that StubHub has been asking for its „FanProtect“ guarantee for years and promised users that they would receive a refund of money in the event of an event cancellation. The complaint notes that on March 12, StubHub President Sukhinder Singh Cassidy sent an email to users that, while refunds would still be available for cancelled events, it would also offer vouchers for 120% of the original order price as an alternative. On March 25, StubHub then changed its policy and stated: „If the event is cancelled and not postponed, you will receive a refund or credit that you can use on a future purchase, as set at StubHub`s discretion (unless a refund is required by law).“ Q: I have tickets for an event, but the event is not listed. Does StubHub add this event? It`s quick and easy to do! Click here to get started! A StubHub spokesman told Billboard that the company does not comment on ongoing litigation. Is 10% the lowest fee charged to a seller? As the MLB team`s seasonal card holder, I have the option to collect a 10% fee, but I want to make sure I`m not able to pay a higher fee if I sell tickets that aren`t in high demand. I will send you a private message so that we can check the delivery delay and make sure it is registered for the show. We know you may have a few questions before you list. Keep reading for a few frequently asked questions. Please send a private message to one of our moderators with the email address, zip code and order number on your account.

In a message issued on March 30 to the ticket-buying community, StubHub President Sukhinder Singh Cassidy explained the change to the directive. Important: If you cannot deliver the tickets as promised or if the buyer does not accept your replacement tickets, your deposit credit card will be debited in accordance with our seller`s policies. A: The ticketing depends on the type of ticket you have. They must deliver them to the buyer in the same way that the main ticket supplier receives them.