Strategic Partnership Agreement (Spa)

The aid is an attempt at a comprehensive study in which the countries receiving the drug are expected to share the results of their therapy and thus provide enough data for rapid authorization. An interesting result was that the first accession to this framework concerned more European countries than Asian countries. The examples above indicate that the global pandemic has not altered the momentum of building a new era of partnership between the EU and Japan. In such developments within the framework of the partnership, the following question should be: what do they want to accomplish? And will this new era continue? The EPA and the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SSC) were launched in 2011, shortly after the tragedy of the great earthquake in eastern Japan. Negotiations on the EPA began in April 2013 and were rather slow at first. But the pace accelerated when the international environment began to change. The two sides agreed on the principle in July 2017, shortly after the inauguration of US President Donald Trump, making it clear that the EU and Japan remain committed to free trade. Negotiations on the EPA finally ended in December 2017 and the heads of state and government of Japan and the EU signed the agreement in Tokyo last summer, before proceeding with rapid ratification. The INTER partnership between the EU and Japan should be able to function effectively during this crisis, and some of the following examples, as is already the case, prove. The EU and Japan maintain close contacts, including communications at ministerial level, to exchange information on COVID-19. In addition, both sides maintain the political coordination momentum for other ongoing global challenges through virtual communication.

A meeting of senior officials was held on 1 April 2020 to discuss biodiversity and the circular economy at COP15 of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in October 2020 and the Un Environment Assembly (UNA5) in February 2021. In July 2018, Japan and the EU signed both the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA). Both agreements have been described as the formal beginning of a new era of enhanced cooperation and global leadership between the two normative powers.