Standard Transmission Agreement Fluxys

Phone: `32 2 282 7777 E-mail: The specific terms of each DSO include considerations specific to the performance of the terms and conditions of the tariff set out in this Agreement. Finally, welcome as a new sender at Fluxys Belgium! Either you: – submit a guarantee in the form of a financial bank guarantee; or – Supplying a quantity of natural gas in the form of Gaspledge The minimum amount for guarantees and gaspésia is set in our contract (SSA Att. 2). Art.14) Guarantee of your business if it is a new link. The contact form to be filled out and a form containing our contact information. The inventory of the system operator`s installations on your website. They define, among other things, the technical specifications and operating procedures of a natural gas receiving station and describe how the purchase quantities are determined. Fluxys Belgium S.A. Attention to Sales Support Avenue des Arts 31 1040 Brussels BELGIC Description of gas meter control at reception stations. The Certificate of Compliance confirms the compliance of natural gas facilities downstream of the connection to our infrastructure. Natural gas specifications: the general specifications to which the natural gas supplied must meet. Chart with possible scenarios for a natural gas receiving station.

Exchange of information for operational data: This document explains some aspects of the standard connection agreement required for the implementation of the specific terms and conditions of the standard connection agreement. . The commissioning report describes the measurement instruments at the affiliate`s natural gas receiving station. The general principles of operation and maintenance of the facilities between Fluxys Belgium and DSO. Appendixes to the standard Dutch liaison agreement Fluxys Belgium / DSO Standard Connection Agreement ..