Linen Hire Agreement

Negotiating strategies that strengthen their agreements a little. Having the right strategy to tackle your web services is the key. Here are some of our favorites to help you prepare for success! „works,“ the rental of goods and/or the provision of services subject to conditions (including replacement products). (a) divestment. You cannot transfer or transfer the contract to third parties without our prior written consent. We will notify you in writing if we are ceding or transferring the contract as part of our corporate restructuring, which we can do, provided that the products or services are not affected. „she“ and „you“ refers to the person who orders Airlinen`s goods, who must be over the age of 18. „Airlinen“ or „Wir“ or „We“ or „Unser“ means Airlinen Limited, headquartered in Videk, Building 2, Kingsbury Road, Kingsbury Works, London, NW9 8RW. „Account“ refers to your data and the purchase history that is created when you sign up to shop on our website. „Delivery“ means that we deliver the goods you ordered at the address listed in your order (and that address must be in our delivery area) and that „delivery“ and „delivery“ will be interpreted accordingly. „Website“ or „Website“ means that our Airlinen website aims to provide you with an excellent shopping and rental service.

b) changes. Each of us can ask written questions (including e-mail) to change one aspect of the services, provided that no changes take effect, unless you have received written confirmation from Airlinen. You must provide us with adequate assistance in evaluating your requests for change and, if we agree in principle, we will immediately confirm the change in writing via your communication portal, specifying the scope and impact of the change. 3.4.1 You can cancel your order at any time prior to delivery. If you wish to add goods to your order or withdraw goods and keep the same delivery date, you must inform us before the order period indicated in your order confirmation on your Airlinen online account, a copy of your Airlinen order confirmation will also be emailed to you. 3.4.2 You can change your order at any time until delivery, but we will not necessarily be able to deliver during your originally selected delivery order. Maybe we need another day and another time to complete your order. 3.4.3 If you have ordered items that are not degraded or expire quickly and are not mentioned in paragraph 3.4.4 below, you can change your mind and cancel your order within 30 days of delivery for a full exchange or refund. You will not be able to change your mind and cancel an order for items mentioned in paragraph 3.4.4 after delivery, unless these items are damaged or defective or do not meet our usual high standards. Objects that may deteriorate or deteriorate rapidly can be returned in accordance with point 3.4.6. 3.4.4 Your right to return something does not apply to certain goods unless that goods are misrepresced or misdepresed during delivery.

These items are: – items that, for health and hygiene reasons, cannot be resold after unpacking (for example.B. Body jewelry, mattresses, bedding, personal toiletries; flat-packed furniture that have been partially assembled or completely assembled; – and items that have been installed with our installation service. – Clean chemicals or materials or other that have been opened orders that do not meet our usual high standards 3.4.5 If your item is delivered, please check that the order is not damaged.