Learning Agreement Lu

To get the money before the start of mobility, you need to apply on time. Enter your application as soon as possible as soon as the application has been opened, but no later than one month before the start of mobility. Your Erasmus scholarship contract must be concluded with external relations no later than the 15th of the month prior to receiving the first payment. Payments are made every 25 months. To get the first payment before you leave, you must submit the contract no later than the 15th of the month two months before your departure. For example, if you start your mobility on October 20, we must have received your signed agreement by August 15 to be able to transfer the money before you start your mobility. In this case, you will receive the money on September 25. Exceptions to this rule may apply during holiday periods and/or if Lund University does not receive money on time from the Swedish Higher Education Council. Students who attend the exchange in August or September usually receive their first payment on September 25.

To qualify for the first payment, you must have completed the language assessment that Erasmus students must perform. Some host universities have modules in which each course is optional. If you have something like „open“ or „…. Decalé GMO“ or „EU Libre“ on your apprenticeship contract, don`t forget to send a detailed list of courses that this module is in place or to register as soon as you arrive at the host university! Erasmus allows you to spend part of your studies at a university in another European country. In addition to improving your social, cultural and language skills, you will gain an understanding of university life at a foreign university and benefit from different teaching and learning methods. The Apprenticeship Agreement is an official Erasmus document (including for other mobility programmes) and is used to register your provisional course options. To obtain the approval of your course coordinators at UL, the learning agreement must be submitted to Stephanie Anderson. Please fill out the digital form. Foreign universities that are not established in Europe do not apply the ECTS system, so you must list local credits in the apprenticeship agreement. Local credits are converted as follows: Once you arrive at your host university, make sure you receive a copy of your apprenticeship contract, which will also be signed by your host university. If your first choice of course is not available or you need to change the selection for one reason or another, submit a change as soon as possible – without the consent of your course manager, you may have your credits validated upon your return to UNI.lu NO. Send us a copy of the document by email (stephanie.anderson@uni.lu).

To validate the results you received at the end of your mobility at the host university, we need a final learning agreement signed by the three parties (Student, Host Uni, Home Uni). The Erasmus student exchanges are based on bilateral cooperation agreements between the TH Koln – Fachhochschule and its partner universities abroad.