Kik Terms Of Agreement

30. The different titles used in this section are only simple and should not be used for interpretation. The inaction of one party with respect to the violation by another party of a provision consistent with its purpose does not constitute a waiver. If a provision is found to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision must, if possible, be interpreted in a restrictive or otherwise inoperative manner, without prejudice to the other provisions. These terms and conditions of sale will survive compliance with the order and the previous expiry or termination of the specific conditions. All shorthand or clerical errors contained in this order or within this order are subject to correction by the buyer. These terms of use (short for „Conditions“ – describe the rules of Kik`s relationship with you and are a legal agreement, so read them carefully. The following terms and conditions, as well as all documents they contain expressly by reference, govern your access and use of Kik Messenger, our website and Services. If we are to contact you through these conditions, you agree to: (1) agree to receive e-mails from us; and (2) accept that all conditions, agreements, communications, disclosures and other messages we send to you electronically meet all legal requirements, as if they were written. We agree that these conditions and all relevant documents are available in English. 26.

Full agreement; ConflictThese general conditions, as well as the specific conditions, if any, under which the buttocks were emitted, contain all the understanding of the parties regarding the purpose of the Po. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and the specific conditions in another applicable written agreement, the contrary conditions apply in the Special Conditions. No change, amendment or waiver of any of the terms and conditions of sale is valid unless the buyer and supplier sign in writing. The buyer is not bound by additional or derogatory conditions that the supplier communicates below and that the buyer is not bound by his silence, his activity, the use of trade or the acceptance of goods or services. Without limitation of the terms of sale, the terms printed on a confirmation, invoice or other form established by the Supplier or presented in a form established by the Supplier that complement or are in contradiction with the conditions set out in these Terms are considered inoperative and have no effect and effect.