Ebay International Seller Agreement

If you select the SPG when listing your products and these are purchased by an international customer, eBay sends the buyer`s address to shipping to the UK. You will also receive a unique reference code that you must include on your shipping label. In order to use the global shipping program, sellers must be based in the UK and list products via eBay.co.uk. The only cost to pay is the cost of booking items in the UK shipping centre – you don`t have to worry about international shipping fees. Advanced international sellers can also adjust prices to any market so you can set and maintain competitive prices in several countries. Product lists are also displayed in the default search results for a country`s eBay site. In this article, we will discuss the three options that eBay UK sellers have for global expansion, as well as the requirements you must meet, and best practices for success. In your offer, select the View International Services and Options button, then click Save. One way to list your items is to put them up for sale directly on other international eBay sites.

For example, you can sell your item on eBay.fr in France or sell eBay.es in Spain. As your eBay I.D. is universal, you can book items on the eBay website of another country just like in the UK. You pay an eBay registration fee for each eBay site in each country in the same way as for the UK. Valid only for products with fixed-rate offers with a 30-day selling term or „Good“ til Cancelled. Keep in mind some options and features (e.g.B. Item specifications or product category structure) that may be different on eBay`s international websites. In addition, eBay found that sellers who changed their return policies from 14 to 30 days increased their conversion rates by an average of 13%. Indeed, because of the opt-out, the market place may prevent you from offering items on eBay sites with policies to protect buyers and/or international delivery on your offers. If you are selling internationally for the first time, eBay will ask you to accept your international sales contract. This includes information on refund and refund guarantees for your customers. Some other policies that you can sell internationally include: In addition, the number of active eBay buyers in the world is increasing year by year.

From 100 million buyers just over five years ago to an impressive 183 million in 2019, companies have many opportunities to take advantage of the international reach of the market. On eBay`s international websites, eBay`s buyer protection policies apply: Do we have international sales potential? Is there one country in particular that lends itself well to your product lines? If you qualify for programs in the U.S., Germany or around the world, you get better visibility and benefit from the eBay seller badge with a high rating on these sites. How do I get a better score on eBay? You also need to make sure that you offer PayPal as a payment option. While it was once a requirement to have PayPal for UK sales, it is now only a prerequisite for eBay`s international sales. In addition, it is famous for being one of the easiest to use and secure sites on the Internet, so all first-time international buyers might feel more comfortable offering PayPal. Keep in mind that if you sell directly on eBay`s international websites, you may need to change your account settings PayPal to get money in different currencies.