Dss Proxy Agreement

Proxy functions to be used via ds-proxy. These functions are based on dss-cdp-manager as CDP registration. A proxy advice is a requirement imposed as part of a proxy agreement by the U.S. Department of Defense`s Defense Security Service for foreign investors who wish to acquire certain U.S. companies. This is for national security reasons and is especially the case for defence companies that participate in top secret contracts. The proxy agreement exists between the foreign company, the U.S. subsidiary that holds classified contracts, and the DSS. A proxy board is a board of directors composed exclusively of U.S. citizens responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. In this way, the company`s classified information is „isolated“ from foreign operations, but the parent company still benefits from any profit from its subsidiary . . .

freeETH (address manager, address ethJoin, uint cdp, uint wad): performs cb of decreasing blocked warranties and removes the amount of EH from the adapter ethJoin. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. . draw (address manager, address jug, address daiJoin, uint cdp, uint wad): update the warranty rate, run frob to increase debt and end the amount of DAI (the typing) of daiJoin. wipe (address manager, address daiJoin, uint cdp, uint wad): combines wad quantity of DAI chips with daiJoin adapter (burn) and performs frob to cdp for debt reduction. exitAll (daiJoin address, address jar): the same as the output, but all quantities available. exitETH (address manager, address ethJoin, uint cdp, uint wad): exits wad amount of ETH from ethJoin adapt (received in the cdp urn after the liquidation auction is over). pack (address daiJoin, address end, uint wad): After the system is locked up, wad packs the amount of IAD to be ready to cash in. cdpAllow (address manager, uint cdp, address usr, uint ok): authorized/refused usr address to manage the cdp.

open (address manager, bytes32 ilk, address usr): creates an urnhandler (cdp) for the usr address (for an ilk) and allows management about the manager`s internal record. . . . freeETH (address manager, address ethJoin, address end, uint cdp): After the system cage, the rest of the EQH is recovered by cdp (pay the rest of the debts, if any). . . . flux (address manager, uint cdp, address dst, uint wad): wad moves amount of warranties from the cdp address to the address dst. . . enter (address manager, address src, uint cdp): moves src Collateral Balance and Debt to cdp.

frob (address manager, uint cdp, int dink, int dart): performs frob to cdp-address, which marks free warranties and/or DAI at the same address. . . . . give (address manager, uint cdp, address usr): transfers ownership from cdp to Usr in the manager`s record. A variant is a Special Security Agreement (SSA) in which the company`s board of directors may be composed of both U.S. citizens and nationals of the parent company`s country. In this case, when national security issues are discussed, only U.S.

leaders can participate.