Designated Area Migration Agreement Cairns

The Far North Queensland Designated Area Migration Agreement (FNQ DAMA) allows employers in Far North Queensland (FNQ) to sponsor skilled and qualified foreign workers for positions they cannot fill with local labour. The DAMA FNQ is adapted to current and emerging labour market shortages and local employment conditions. The DAMA FNQ uses the employment contract flow of the Skilled Labour Shortage (TSS) employment contract (TSS) (subclass 482). Companies approved for an employment contract with the Ministry of the Interior can designate foreign workers under the temporary skills shortage visa program (TSS 482 subclass) – many professions also have access to the permanent visa application after three years. Employers must first be assisted by the Designated Area Representative (DAR) before filing an application for a DAMA work agreement with the Ministry of the Interior. The agreements on the migration of certain areas, called DAMAs, allow local companies to access more foreign workers than the standard skilled migration programme. David Coleman, of Federal Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, said the Morrison government was 100% committed to supporting skills needs in North North Queensland. We provide the following information to better understand the migration routes made available to participating companies and visa applicants under the FNQ DAMA agreement. In addition, the DAMA FNQ has a list of qualified people that could include nearly 70 different occupations. These professions are negotiated under the agreement and can offer several different concessions, such as TSMIT 10% concessions with English requirements and qualifications. In addition, it could also provide a permanent residence route through the 186 Transitional Stream Visa for certain specific occupations, especially for occupations that successfully meet eligibility requirements. Skilled workers therefore need an employer to appoint them to this visa.—Occupation-List-20190909-.pdf> Full List of Occupations YES: the SAF tax applies to all appointments under the TSS 482 route, including the flow of Labour agreements. For more information on the FAS tax, please contact our team or see the information on our website. DAMA`s employment contracts exist between the Australian government and employers in the region concerned. The DAMA FNQ includes the Cairns, Douglas Shire, Tablelands, Mareeba and Cassowary Coast regions. As has already been said, DAMA is an employer-supported migration system, which means that the employer must be approved by the Design Area Representative (DAR) before a skilled worker can be appointed.