Child Maintenance Agreement Form Uk

Both parents are responsible for the cost of raising their children, even if they do not see them. Making agreements on access to your children is done separately. The CMS provides a computational service, called Direct Maintenance. This means that the CMS is the amount of child support due, but you pay each other directly instead of going through the CMS. Direct Maintenance is only suitable if you are happy to agree between you when and how the money is paid. Preparing the cost of raising your children – this form can help you choose the items you want to include in your child care facility If you`re not sure a private agreement is right for you, check how to choose a child care facility. If you and your ex grant support, this is generally not legally binding. This means that if the agreement fails, you would not be able to enforce it and you should ask it to take over the CMS. They would start again at the beginning of the CMS process. If you decide that you wish to register your private agreement as a legally binding agreement, we urge you to discuss it first with a lawyer. The child support obligation is a regular and reliable financial aid, paid for the daily cost of a child`s life.

The non-primary caregiver parent (the paying parent, formerly known as the non-resident parent or the NRP) pays the parent support with the primary day care (the parent who receives child support, formerly known as the custodial parent or PWC). In some cases, a grandparent or legal guardian may be paid in custody if he or she is the child`s primary caretaker. You do not have to follow the rules of a private agreement. You can save anything you want as long as you agree. You can agree, for example. B, that one of you pays for vacation or school uniforms instead of paying regularly. If you and your exes have reached a private child support agreement but are being tried to deal with other financial matters, such as pensions or housing, you may want to ask the Court to include your child support contract in the court`s final order. This has the advantage of allowing you to ask the Court of Justice to enforce the agreement if necessary and you do not wish to use the CMS. Caution should be exercised in the proper ordering. As a general rule, business can be returned to CMS 12 months after the market closes. You can use the child care computer on GOV.UK to get an idea of how much the Child Care Service (CMS) would charge the person who will pay. You can use this figure as the basis for your negotiations.